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Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental – 100cc Manual Bikes


These 100cc manual bikes are still available on the road, especially Chinese copy cats of Honda Win. Many people sell their Chinese copies but said “Honda Win”. It’s a joke and a lie. You can have more details by following this link. None of Honda Win comes with electric start and Honda Indonesia only made one version of the 100cc engine. Honda Indonesia Astra PT discontinued this model in early 2000’s.

Honda manual clutch motorbike Win 100cc

Honda Win 100cc

This is the first Honda manual clutch motorbikes arrived brand new in Vietnam from Honda Indonesia. The original Honda Win was great, however, with the arrival of bigger displacements, Win was not our choice a long time ago. FYI, many tourists bought a fake Chinese Win 100, 110 or 125cc and they advertised as Honda Win. In reality, it’s either a joke or a deliberate scam. The Chinese copy comes with electric start and on paper, they will have the brand name like Hongda, Loncin, Lifan, Foco, Detech, and Sufat etc.

Honda manual clutch motorbike GL Max 100cc

Honda GL Max 100cc

A brother of Honda Win, light, underpowered and not attractive. We bought this second-hand bike when there was no choice of larger GL versions and as soon as 150 and 160cc models became available we discontinued renting this model in 2008.

Contact us at for more information or parts of these discontinued 100cc manual bikes in case you need.

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  1. Marcello Reply

    Dear hanoimotorbikerental
    My name is Marcello and My dream is to buy a Bike for Made a trip around Vietnam. Now I’m in Saigon and I keep my eyes on one that i think is a Honda Win…I think…but after reading your interesting article i’m not too sure anymore.
    So I would like to ask you how can i understand if this Bike is a REAL honda win Made in Japan, and not a chinise fake….Please give me an advise.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Marcello. 99% if not all of the so called “Honda Win” for sale in Vietnam are Chinese copies. Two ways to find out: If a bike has electric start or over 100cc it must be a Chinese or look at the blue card registration and if you don’t find anything like Honda or Win then that’s definitely a Chinese. If you have bikes, looking at parts you can guess the quality. A Chinese Win have going-to-fall-apart parts. People in Vietnam, including foreigners advertise Honda Win buy they are confusing or trying to cheat people. There is no real Honda Win at less than 400$US for a decent used bike, this product was discontinued in early 2000s when it was sold at around 2,000$US. Good luck.

      • waza Reply

        Anh Wu Oi,
        I have been working in VN for 4 years, a few years ago i bought a very good condition original honda win 100 (Win Thai). I have refurbished it using original parts from Thailand, I have a very good local mechanic who has helped me. I need an original good condition exhaust pipe, but we are having a lot of difficulty finding one, can you help?? The one that is on the bike is original but a little bit damaged, I could get it repaired but would rather replace.

        • Yves Reply

          Hi Waza, I live in HCMC and am currently looking for a good mechanic as I’m also restoring an original japanese Honda Win. Do you also live in this city and , if yes , can you give me the address of your mechanic ? thanks a lot ! Yves

          • Anh Wu

            Hello Yves. We are based in Hanoi and have no contact of a good mechanic down in HCMC. However, it’s not difficult to find. Just cost of restoring matters. Two years ago, I paid about 600$US to have the bike rebuilt and renewed. This price can buy a brand new Chinese copy! Good luck.

  2. Brian Reply

    I found an old 100 Honda Win in a friend’s garage. I am wondering about restoring it. It’s manual gears, no clutch. It turns over but not much power. Gear change to neutral is clumsy. Tank is damaged and ignition is manual and connected to a ball of wires. Head light works, but not indicators or horn. Tank is damaged and horrible, handlebars, kick start, foot pegs and tyres OK. Seat is also ugly. I want to put new tank and seat, plus spray paint frame. Engine work to increase power, clean carburettor etc. Is it worth it? Thanks

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Our honest advice: throw that away. Reason: This model was discontinued in early 2000s and parts are extremely expensive. It’s not a good motorbike regarding steering and safety, at least from our personal views.

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