About 110cc Fully Automatic Scooter Hire

110cc fully automatic scooters used to be very popular in Vietnam in the early days. The engine was powerful enough for Vietnamese speed and light enough to flow in the traffic river. Japanese and Taiwanese companies were competing hard at this market and newer models come out every year. With the arrival of the new 125cc fleet, we discontinued most of our 110cc fully automatic scooters and upgrade to the larger and newer 125cc fleet.

Honda 110cc fully automatic scooter Air Blade 2009, discontinued
Honda 110cc fully automatic scooter Air Blade 2011, discontinued

Honda Air Blade 110cc Fully Automatic

The first and the second generation of Air Blade scooter, one of the most successful scooters Honda Vietnam manufactured in the country. However, these 2009 and 2011 models are too old by now. The newer 125cc version that uses the global engine like PCX and SH is ways better while the cost is almost the same.

Honda fully automatic scooter Click 110cc, discontinued

Honda Click 110cc

This is one of Honda Vietnam’s first automatic scooters. A small scooter for girls and short riders that share the same engine with the first generation of Honda Air Blade above. A very good scooter but was not fuel-efficient without fuel injection technology. Vietnamese people don’t really like a small scooter, especially the box under the passenger seat is not big like this model. Hanoi Motorbike Rental now rents out newer Honda Vision 110cc which is the best seller at the moment.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental - Honda Wave RSX AT 110cc Scooter Rentals we no longer provides.

Honda Wave RSX AT 110cc

Made in Vietnam in 2010. In fact, Wave RSX AT is Honda’s first fully automatic scooter of the most popular Wave brand. The transmission is still chain-driven and it gives riders a feeling of a compact bike with easy riding style. The only issue is a small box under the seat that doesn’t contain much more than a raincoat and some small items. In our opinion, this is the best price/value scooter available. Best of all, this bike features an advanced fuel injection system (PGM-FI). Vietnam is the second country Honda manufactured this type of bike (after Thailand). However, it’s not popular in both country and Honda stopped making it a few years ago.

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Replacement for 110cc Fully Automatic

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