These 110cc semi-automatic Honda scooters were old models. In fact, newer models are very easy to buy from Honda Vietnam. Therefore, we upgrade this type of bike almost every two or three years. In general, newer bikes are always better and more reliable.

110cc Semi-Automatic Discontinued: Honda semi-automatic scooter Future 110cc

Honda Future 110cc

This was the first model, and to many Vietnamese is still the best model of Honda Future. Originally, Honda designed especially for the Vietnamese market. Despite a big frame, thanks to a powerful engine, it’s the best scooter to ride on long distance trips.

110cc Semi-Automatic Discontinued: Honda semi-automatic scooter Wave RS, S, RSX 110cc

2010 Honda Wave RS 110cc

The third generation of Honda Wave was manufactured in Vietnam. The engine was powerful but didn’t last as long as the previous models due to the new design of engine head and rockers. In fact, these parts are somewhat like on automatic scooters. In addition, many of our customers said this model was too colorful! Therefore, we currently provide less colorful model like Wave Alpha, S or RSX series.

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