These 125cc manual bikes used to be our popular touring motorbikes for rent in Hanoi. However, when it comes to dirt roads and steep hills, older 125cc road and dirt bikes are underpowered and we now use newer 2014 CGL 125cc and 2013/14 XR125L as our standard small bikes for long distance touring.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 125cc Manual Bikes: Honda road and street bike CB125T Benly or CD Benly 125cc

Honda CB125T Benly

This 125cc, twin engines is simply a street bike. In addition, it had a very classic looking. Many collectors now use this to customize a retro bike. Low ground clearance, low torque, single passenger seat and small wheels make it an uncomfortable touring bike. CD Benly 125cc is now a top choice for a Vietnam’s classic 125cc bike collector.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 125cc Manual Bikes: SYM road and sport or street bike Bonus 125cc

SanYang Motors (SYM) Bonus 125cc

This was one of the only three non-Honda manual bikes Hanoi Motorbike Rental used in early days when we had no dirt bike choice. This was a good bike, except the steering was horrible.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 125cc Manual Bikes: Yamaha dirt bike Serrow 125cc

Yamaha Serow 125cc Dirt Bike

A dirt bike but a bit underpowered and spare parts was a problem in the mountains.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 125cc Manual Bikes: Jialing Honda dirt bike XL 125cc

Jialing Honda XL125

This 125cc dirt bike was like the original Honda XL125 version but with disc brake. The engine was good but not the frame. The suspension was extremely hard and it’s far less comfortable than our current XL125.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 125cc Manual Bikes: Russian Minsk 125cc

Russian Minsk 125cc

This 2-stroke bike was the only choice during the 1990’s. Then with the arrival of the more powerful, more reliable yet fuel saving bikes, Minsks were almost replaced with 4-stroke Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese motorbikes. It’s very hard to find a Minsk now when you ride in North Vietnam. There is a reason for this: Minsk is a fun but expensive experience after all! This is the worst bike we have ever hired out.

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