About 125cc Semi-Automatic Scooters

We discontinued these 125cc semi-automatic scooters because we now use the newer 110cc which costs less while delivers close to what 125cc does. We believe these 125cc semi-automatic scooters were overpriced for their performance and reliability.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental - 125cc Semi-Automatic Scooters: Honda semi-automatic scooter Future Neo 125cc

Honda Future Neo 125cc Semi-automatic

This is the most powerful step-through scooter Honda Vietnam produces. The gear shift is very responsive making it an easy-riding job, even for beginners.

After hiring this bike for a year, we received complaints from our customers about the suspension and power when they headed steep hills. The seat was uncomfortable, the suspension was hard and it lost power as they rode up hills. We decided to discontinue this model and supplied something bigger like Honda GL 160cc. Our customers can take a lesson to learn how to ride a manual clutch bike and they will feel much better. It’s a hard start but worth it.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental - Discontinued 125cc Semi-Automatic Scooters: Honda semi-automatic scooter Future 2 125cc

Honda Future II 125cc Semi-automatic

This Honda Future II 125cc is, in fact, a Honda Wave 125cc in Thailand. It was an extremely bad balance between weight and power ratio. The bike was too powerful, very uncomfortable to ride because it’s so light. Maybe Honda only made these models for short riding, if you ride for about one hour, your back starts to hate you!

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