We discontinued these 200cc motorcycles because they were either old or not suitable for long distance touring. Currently, we use the larger 250cc off-road motorbikes.

200cc Motorcycles DiscontinuedHanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 200cc Motorcycles: Honda dirt bike TLR200

Honda TLR (Reflex) 200cc Trial Bike

Made in 1983, Honda TLR (Reflex) 4-stroke, 200cc is a cheap upgrade for Vietnamese off-road riding. It used to be a popular trail bike from Honda in early 1980’s. This bike was customized with front and back disc brakes and mono-shock at the back. The original is front and back drum brakes and TwinShock. The TLR only comes with kick start and it’s really hard to kick. In addition, it’s actually a racing version so when we tested on mountain roads, it was a big disappointment.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - 200cc Motorcycles: Honda Phantom 200cc Fire edition

Honda Phantom Cruiser Fire Edition 200cc

Honda Phantom cruiser 200cc. Classic look, strong and this is imported brand new from Thailand in early 2010. In fact, it looks like a small chopper, fire edition, and cool look. However, the cylinder, piston, and rings are probably the worst Honda ever made. They wore out just after 6,000km which is ways from anybody’s expectation and is in fact much worse than a Chinese bike. In addition, the very low ground clearance makes this bike just a cafe cruiser, only works well on paved city roads or highways. Ridiculously, just after we used this model, police in Vietnam imported the same version and they probably need a lot of spare parts.

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