There are many website links that offers details about motorbike rentals and motorcycle tours in Vietnam. However, some are just like an additional activity (not from professional tour operators). On the other hand, some are just websites setup for sale and agents who take some commission. In fact, there are just very few companies in Hanoi that specialize in motorcycle touring. The advantages of finding a right company and book your adventure with them are:
– Talk to the motorbike tour experts in Vietnam who know the rules, the bikes and also the destinations;
– Get tips, advice in no time and how to prepare your trip and also what to expect on your ride;
– Discuss different types of prices that cater your personal budget;
– Have support and also save time without dealing through a third party;
– Pay no extra commission or hidden costs.

Below are some websites that offer more information, tips and advice on guided and unguided motorcycling holidays in Vietnam that you could check out. Most of these sites are compatible with all screen resolutions. However, the photos are best displayed on larger screens. If you have any feedback on these sites please contact us and we will let the site owners know. Due to the nature of our business, we don’t list website links that are not related to motorbike tours and rentals in Vietnam.

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