(Four-stroke Honda CRF250L for rent in Hanoi from Hanoi Motorbike Rental. Made between 2014 and 2017. 40$US/bike/day.)

Honda CRF250L For Rent In Hanoi, the best 250cc dual enduro you can rely on in Hanoi.

Honda CRF250L Dual Enduro Hire - Hanoi Motorbike Rental. White, front and back disc brakes.

About Honda CRF250L For Rent In Hanoi

The CRF uses almost the same engine as the CBR250 but is detuned with better bottom-end power and more torque. And in the real world of off-road riding, it works. The power delivery is smooth and predictable. There is no power band, just smooth linear power, and torque which enhances the easy-to-use character of the CRF series.

In addition, the water cooling system allows a longer ride than the traditional air or oil-cooled engines.

Honda CRF250L – A Powerful 250cc Engine

The 250cc engine has a smooth and super constant power delivery of around 22HP. In addition, the six-speed gearbox offers great flexibility, and powerful front and back disc brakes aid handling on or off-road. The electric start and fuel injection make it easy to get things moving when you want to deal with those early morning jobs.

Fuel Injection

Honda’s advanced fuel injection system (PGM-Fi) makes it very easy to start in the morning and under any weather conditions. In addition, the fuel pump is very similar to the 125-150cc scooters that you can purchase everywhere in Vietnam. The only downside is the complicated wiring that many local mechanics don’t really want to work on it. That’s a time-consuming job and requires some sort of electrical knowledge. If there is a short-circuiting somewhere, you are not able to start the bike. Even a tiny thing like a diode in the key switch can shut down the whole system. Luckily, we are experts and can give the mechanics from afar to get it going. That’s definitely not a small advantage, isn’t it?


The seat is quite small, skinny and that’s probably the downside of the Honda CRF series. In fact, you do need to stop often to refresh yourself and if you ride with a passenger at the back, then the job is very very difficult. A solution that many of our customers found is to buy a water or air cushion and you can always use it for your future trips.


We really like the suspension system of the Honda CRF250L. The front upsidedown and the Pro-Link at the back prove to be the best in the 250cc off-road motorbike range available in Vietnam. That’s probably one of the best things to say about this model.

Front & Rear Disk Brake

It has a powerful front and also rear disk brake for the highest braking confidence and security. That’s now a standard in the 250cc off-road motorbike market in Vietnam. To be honest, both front and rear brakes use larger discs or calipers than the competitors which makes this bike safer.


The front sprocket has only 14 teeth, but the rear disc has 40 teeth and 520 O-ring drive chain size. Honestly, this 14/40 is not good for off-road riding and only for highways. Therefore, we would recommend the better 13/41 or 14/43 teeth front/rear sprockets. One thing to remember is the speed is a bit faster than it is but who cares?


Full digital dashboard to make your driving experience more comfortable and safer at just a quick eye glance. That’s the best thing we like about Honda: simplicity.


Practical and useful multi-functional grill that lets you carry everything you need.


Equipped with AHO (Automatic Headlight On). The 55/60W bulb offers great visibility in the dark or rain.


– This Honda CRF250L is suitable for riding two up on one bike because of the good power. Ideally, riding solo is the best option. If you have to ride two-up, relax often and don’t ride long every day, especially after dark or on rainy days. Bring a cushion if possible.

– We are based in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam only. Therefore, we don’t offer bike hire outside of Hanoi or one-way rental. Sadly, we have nobody to recommend because we don’t know their bikes or the quality of services.

To have an idea of which off-road motorbike is the best for you, please watch the video below. Even if it can’t handle the extreme off-road as well as motocross, this is still a great option for exploring Vietnam.


Honda CRF250L Dual Enduro Specifications

Number of seats 2
Country of origin Thailand
Engine displacement 249.5 cc (15.23 cu in)
Cylinder 01
Engine power (hp/rpm) 19.6 hp (14.6 kW) @ 7,500 rpm
Starter Electric
Engine type 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Water-cooled DOHV
Stroke cycle 04
Compression ratio 10.7:1
Speed Constant Mesh, 6-Speed. Manual / 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Ignition CDI
Fuel Consuming 3.5l/100km speed 50 km/hour (standard gasoline)
Clutch Manual, Wet Type, Multi-plate clutch
System (volt.) 12V
Front brake Single hydraulic disc
Rear brake Single hydraulic disc
Front tyre 3.00-21M/C
Rear tyre 120/80-18M/C
Front suspension Non-adjustable 43 mm telescopic fork
Rear suspension Steel swingarm, 5-way adjustable monoshock with Pro-Link
Fuel tank capacity 7.7 l (1.7 imp gal; 2.0 US gal)
Ground clearance 310 mm
Width 815 mm (32.1 in)
Length 2,195 mm (86.4 in)
Curb weight 145 kg (320 lb)
Seat height 880 mm (35 in)
Wheelbase 1,445 mm (56.9 in)

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