(Honda Super Dream 110cc monthly rate: 50 USD/30 days and daily rate: 10$US/day. Not available from 2018.)

We have been providing near new or latest Honda Super Dream 110cc models in Hanoi. In fact, we use only genuine Honda products, no other brands, or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire. When inquiring, ask about the bike model and year of manufacturing don’t just look at prices. In general, our rates are competitive and the quality is best.

Honda Dream Family History

Honda Dream was the first and longest in the production of a 100cc semi-automatic scooter Honda ever made in South-east Asia. It started in the early 1980s in Japan then moved to Thailand later in the 1990s. In the early 1990s, a new Honda Dream costs a much as a house in Hanoi. It’s just the name that tells the whole story.

Then in the early 2000s, the 100cc and 110cc Honda Wave models were introduced and Honda decided to stop making the Dream 100cc model in Thailand. Wave series became a new wave! Vietnamese people still liked the look of the first Honda Dream and therefore Honda Vietnam introduced Super Dream 100cc which was installed with exactly the same engine. That model continued until 2012 before it was replaced with the current 110cc model. To be honest, the new 2014 Honda Super Dream is actually the Honda Super Cub without FI (fuel injection) technology or a new Honda Wave 110cc. It is popular among people from 30 years old because of the serious look and mono-color.

Hanoi Motorbike Rental, again, is the first and only (so far) motorbike rental shop offering this new model as an additional choice for people who want to stick with the tradition but with a different look, stronger power, and larger tires. This bike provides good steering and balance at high speed. However, the only negative thing is no storage under the seat.

2014 Honda Super Dream 110cc

Hanoi Scooter Rental - 2014 Honda Super Dream 110cc Rental In Hanoi, Brown color, drum brakes.

With improved technical enhancements (Evapo, Euro 3 and larger tires, etc.) and a totally new 110cc engine, this Honda Super Dream 110cc is the next Honda family ruling Vietnamese urban roads. All bikes were made in 2014. No shop in Hanoi has or uses newer bikes than ours!

Honda Super Dream 110cc Specifications

Curb weight 99 kg
Overall length x width x height 1,915mm x 696mm x 1,052mm
Wheel base 1,212 mm
Seat height 745 mm
Min-ground clearance 135 mm
Fuel tank capacity 3.8 l
Engine oil capacity 1.0 litre when dismantling machine; 0.8 litre when changing lubricant
Front suspension Spring, hydraulic shock-absorber
Rear suspension Spring, hydraulic shock-absorber
Engine type Gasoline, 04-stroke, single, air-cooled
Displacement 109.1 cm3
Bore stroke 50mm x 55.6mm
Compression ratio 9.0 : 1
Max. output / rpm 5,64 kW/ 7,500 rpm
Max. torque / rpm 8,32N.m/ 3,500 rpm
Gear box Mechanical, 4-step rotary system
Starting system Electric/kick starter


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Sadly, this model was discontinued in 2018. You can hire the newer Honda Wave or Blade 110cc instead.

To find out which motorbike/scooter is the best for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.


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