Why us for your motorbike hire from Hanoi? You may wonder and below are reasons to explain the reasons you should choose us.

Long History

Hanoi Motorbike Rental is run by two professional motorcycle riders who have had many years working in responsible tourism. Anh Wu and Minh Hoang speak English fluently. Therefore, you will have no problem understanding us because our thinking is very much like yours. We grew up through many years of serving motorcycle riders. Honestly, our company will remain 100% Vietnamese run and owned and only specializes in motorbike rentals. When you hire bike(s) from us, you’re not just customers but also friends. Unlike overseas-based tourism companies, every Dollar you spend on the trip stays in Vietnam.

The Pioneer

We are the first and original touring company in Northern Vietnam offering Vietnam motorcycle rental on real road Honda bikes. Upgrade to Honda X125L and XR250 dirt bikes is also available at an additional cost. These bikes are owned, serviced and prepared by ourselves and we know them as good as the back of our hands. Many shops even rent out cheap Chinese fakes but. Hanoi Motorbike Rental sticks to only Japanese Honda because everyone in Vietnam knows about Honda bikes and all mechanics can fix them if you have any trouble. Parts are everywhere. Other bike brands are difficult with parts or the cost of repair is too expensive.

A Really Professional Team

Hanoi Motorbike Rental has a team of professional tour guides. In fact, we have many years touring on motorcycles. Therefore, we make sure your adventure will be safe and special. Our team design trips as riders for riders.

When you pick up your rental bike(s), Hanoi Motorbike Rental provides riding rules, basic words & phrases, a simple troubleshoot, a simple map plus tips and advice on the places you have in your mind. Sit down with us for about 15 minutes and you will have your journey tailor made easily by motorbike tour experts here in Hanoi. This is an added value that you simply can’t get from most of the motorbike rental outfits in Hanoi.

Value For Your Money

Last but not least, we are honest and straight forward. The prices are not the cheapest you can find. However, we are sure you have the best balance of cost and value.

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