Whether you’re trekking through the concrete canyons of the city or exploring remote mountain passes, every minute is an adventure waiting to happen. That’s why our Honda dual-sport off-road motorbikes are a versatile combination of rugged, terrain-swallowing action hero and comfortable, smooth-handling long-distance runner. Ready for a change of scenery?

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - Off-Road Motorbikes. Off-Road Motorbikes 125-250cc: Honda enduro dual sport XR 250cc Hanoi Motorbike Rental provides. They are good for any type of road in Vietnam.

All off-road motorcycles are genuine Japanese Honda. We refurbished, reconditioned or rebuilt when necessary. In fact, they are either new models or reliable bikes. Therefore, they can challenge tracks and dirt roads in the Northern Vietnam mountains. Who cares about the shiny look of the bikes when you talk about dirt bikes? Understanding that our customers have different riding experience and mechanic basics, we import dirt bikes that everyone can ride. However, we don’t need them too powerful because the speed limit is low in Vietnam while keeping the costs affordable. Below are the details and specification of the models we hire out.

In reality, We don’t use other brands like Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki. In particular, a big no-no to Chinese copy cats. This is due to reliability and/or part availability in the remote areas of Vietnam where you ride.

Hanoi Motorbike, Scooter Rental - Off-Road Motorbikes. Off-Road Motorbikes for guided tours and unguided rentals in Hanoi Vietnam by Hanoi Motorbike Rental

2003 – 2005 Honda dual enduro XR250
2013 – 2015 Honda dirt bikes XR125/150L
2016 Honda dirt bikes XR150L

Contact us at [email protected] in case you need more information, rates or whatever you want to know about our off-road motorbikes.

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